I grew up in New York City, and got my hands on my first camera at fourteen years old. Seeing as it belonged to my school I couldn't use it whenever I wanted, so I would take my mothers camera when she wasn't looking. Filmmaking took me to Skidmore College in upstate New York where I majored in history and filmmaking. After college I moved back to New York, and decided to start my own company, BAMN Media. I make videos. I have worked on documentaries with PBS in Rwanda, TV shows for Travel Channel in the United Arab Emirates, web-series with GQ, and currently am a Senior Producer with Overtime. But, my true passion is movies. My short film Deadzone recently completed the festival circuit, you can check it out on the home page.

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I love movies. Thus, I plan to continue making them until I make one that changes the world and inspires people to do what they love. And then, I will keep making more.